No Line-of-Sight Constraints for
Uninterrupted Motion Tracking

December 3, 2018


Move Freely

Atraxa marks a breakthrough in extended-reality (XR) positional tracking: a camera-less, non-optical method to achieving room-scale tracking that’s free from jitter and occlusions. With Atraxa, no optical cameras or infrared markers need to be placed around the room or mounted externally to the headset or controllers. And no line of sight—or wires—are required between the headset and controllers.

Unhindered by wires or line-of-sight constraints, users can move freely in large spaces. Even move from room to room, indoors and out, regardless of lighting or environmental conditions. Thanks to factory calibration, no room mapping or controller orienting (or reorienting) is required. Atraxa starts tracking immediately and without interruption.

Expand Range of Motion

Atraxa tracks in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF). Traditional 3DOF controllers are limited to rotational movements: swiveling left/right (yaw), tilting forward/back (pitch), and pivoting side to side (roll).  Atraxa expands controller functionality by adding positional movements such as moving forward/back (surge), moving up/down (heave), and moving left/right (sway).

Tracking in 6DOF has benefits that extend beyond unlimited range of motion. It let users move and interact with virtual content as they would in the real world—naturally and automatically—without having to restrict or modify their gestures. Whether it’s for full locomotion, standing, or seated game play, Atraxa provides responsive 360° movement and precise motion control.

Stay Immersed

Atraxa heightens user interaction with virtual content by seamlessly integrating tracking data with the XR interface. With its low latency and high accuracy, Atraxa achieves tight spatial synchronization for 1-to-1 movement. Users enjoy smooth motion trajectories, with gestures tracked and visualized exactly how they’re performed, and the instant they occur.

In the real world, users aren’t limited to one hand, action or tool during physical activities. So why limit them in XR environments? Atraxa can track multiple peripherals at once, without sacrificing usability or performance. Users gain a deepened sense of active presence and enhanced game play. Better yet, by eliminating discontinuities, Atraxa helps users stay immersed in their virtual world.

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