Sensor-Fusion Technology for
Low Noise, Jitter-free Tracking

December 3, 2018

Sensor Fusion

Sensor-Fusion Tracking Overview

Atraxa leverages the best of both EM and inertial technologies. IMUs are known for measuring accelerations and velocities with high data rates. EM is trusted for its exceptional spatial measurement accuracy and reliability. Together they provide precise 6DOF tracking with low latency and noise.

But why use EM instead of optical tracking? Simple: line-of-sight constraints. Optical solutions provide sub-millimetre tracking accuracy over a large measurement volume. We would know – our Polaris® optical trackers are integrated into the world’s most sophisticated surgical-navigation systems.

However, an OR is set up to minimize occlusions, and the surgeon can pre-plan tool movements. That’s not possible in XR settings. What’s more, mobile applications find it challenging to efficiently manage the computation load that comes from using optical to track peripherals and SLAM-based headsets.

EM is a proven tracking technology. Again, we would know – our Aurora® and 3D Guidance® tracking technology can be found inside thousands of OEM medical device systems, where they deliver continuous and reliable 6DOF tool tracking for image-guided surgery and interventional applications.


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