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December 3, 2018

Dev Kit 

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Atraxa provides OEMs with a straightforward integration path for adding wireless 6DOF tracking to their XR platform. Hardware agnostic, Atraxa consists of small, low-power modules that embed directly and invisibly into almost any headset or peripheral. For example, controllers, weapons, or sports equipment.

For further customization, the position and orientation data for each sensor is available at configurable frame rates.

The Atraxa Developer Kit contains everything needed to get started with EM sensor-fusion tracking technology:


Tracker Module (x2)

  • consists of an IMU and a transmitter coil that generates the EM signal. It also supports GPIO functions (e.g. LEDs, input buttons, trackpad, etc.) for managing peripheral device data, with the resulting game actions transmitted wirelessly to the receiver. Available as an enclosed controller or printed circuit board module.


Receiver Module (x1)

  • consists of a sensor board that measures the magnetic fields of the paired transmitters and manages the wireless communication between tracker modules. The receiver module also optionally contains a separate computer module that uses a third-party processing unit (e.g. Raspberry Pi) to calculate and serve pose data to the OEM host application. Available as a printed circuit board module.

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