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Integration with XR Platforms

December 3, 2018

Dev Kit 

Atraxa Development Kits 

Atraxa provides OEMs with a straightforward integration path for adding wireless 6DOF tracking to their XR platform. Hardware agnostic, Atraxa consists of small, low-power modules that embed directly and invisibly into almost any headset or peripheral. For example, controllers, weapons, or sports equipment. 

For further customization, the position and orientation data for each sensor is available at configurable frame rates.  

Ready to get started… 
Our development kits offer everything needed to get started with EM sensor-fusion tracking technology. You will have the opportunity to assess the technology while minimizing your integration process.  

Offering a Comprehensive Partnership 

At NDI we understand that system design is only one piece of your complex road to market. Our dedicated integrations team will partner with you through your full journey, ensuring you get to market faster.

Available in two pre-calibrated configurations:


Integration Kit
Offering the flexibility to design your own tracking modules

– Tracker Module (x2)
– Tracker Module Interface PCB
– Receiver Module

Controller Kit
Allowing efficient integration of early prototypes

– NDI Controller Tracker Module (x2)
– Receiver Module
– USB Charging Cable (x2)
– Two-Port USB Wall Charger



Atraxa DK1.7 Technical Specifications
Receiver (HMD Side)
Power < 250 mW
Weight 6 g
Dimensions 20 mm x 35 mm
Interface 96 Khz SPI (EM Data)
240 Hz I2C (Communications)
Data Processing NDI Libraries On SnapDragon SoC
Tracker (Controller Side)
Power (variable) 400 mW @ 100 mm
1.4 W @ 1.2 m
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 25 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm
Functional Range 0.1 m–1.2 m
Noise (Precision) 1 mm RMS @ 0.5 m
2 mm RMS @ 0.8 m
Accuracy 4 mm RMS @ 0.5 m
8 mm RMS @ 0.8 m
Latency < 14 ms without forward prediction. Forward prediction reduces this to near zero
Update Rate Configurable up to 240 Hz

*System performance is measured in the operational range of 0.2 m-0.9 m and front 180° and may vary depending on integration. Noise floor, sensor proximity to metal, and other parameters can affect performance.

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