Wireless 6DOF Tracking for Extended-Reality Platforms

What is Atraxa?

Motion Tracking for Total Freedom of Movement

Atraxa® is an electromagnetic sensor-fusion tracking platform that embeds into OEM extended-reality headsets and peripherals to provide wireless 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) motion tracking. It helps remove many of the traditional barriers to motion tracking. Occlusions, tethers, external cameras, spatial desync – all gone.

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The New Reality of Connecting Real-World and Virtual Movement is Ready to Begin.

Embedded into peripherals such as controllers, weapons, and sports equipment, Atraxa is invisible to users. But what users can’t see, they experience with virtual movement that’s incredibly true to life.

No more blind spots, dropouts, or disruptions that break the user’s interaction with the virtual world. Instead, users enjoy total freedom of movement. The result? An immersive experience unlike anything else.

Technology Benefits

Discover a Better Way of
Motion Tracking for XR Platforms

360° Movement for Walkaround, Standing and Seated Game Play

6DOF Tracking for Realistic Interaction with Virtual Content

Wireless for Unhindered Motion Control

No Line-of-sight Constraints for Uninterrupted Motion Tracking

High Accuracy + Low Latency for Tight Spatial Synchronization

Sensor Fusion Technology for Low Noise, Jitter-Free Tacking

Smooth Trajectories for Immersive 1‑to‑1 Movement




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